We take our transport routes across the street or railroad. According to our high standards, the delivery within Europe takes place in 24 hours to max. 96 Hours. Your consignments are usually dispatched within 24-48 hours within Germany. This applies to unit shipments, partial shipments, full loads and shipments, which we ship via the parcel services. Especially from the port of Hamburg we can offer you valuable transport solutions. In the area of ​​truck logistics, we have one of the longest experiences in the port area of ​​Hamburg. Since 1921, we have been transporting your transport goods with sister companies out of the port of Hamburg, regardless of the type. For non-standardized goods we also find an uncomplicated solution according to your requirements. Also deliveries on Saturdays or redemptions can be realized by us. Our internal tracking and tracking system allows you to track your goods at any time. You will find out the current location and which stations still have to be passed.


General cargo / Groupage
  • Classic 24/48 hours
  • Express 08:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 20:00
  • Saturday deliveries COD Hospital Logistics
  • (Drumtainer & Healthcare Products)
  • Delivery and collection in Europe in 24 to max. 96 hours
  • Customs processing of your shipments


Rates in detail

Within Germany the delivery takes place, which includes your transport of dangerous goods, in a period of 24 to max. 48 hours. Within Europe, depending on the destination, delivery of max. Up to 96 hours. An express delivery will be delivered in the FRG depending on the time of the shipment of the freight the next morning at 08:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 20:00. In the case of short-distance destinations, it is even possible to deliver the same day. International transport is just as much a part of our experience as container logistics and ocean freight logistics. We keep the shipping costs as low as possible. Hospital logistics, drumteaters and healthcare products are preferred. Even with extraordinary specifications, we determine the fastest way for your goods to the destination.


Full loads or partial delivery by truck or container: no problem

There are no language barriers or misunderstandings in international container transport. Our employees are fluent in the languages ​​of each target country, which means that we can also rely on partners in the field of forwarding & logistics in the respective country. In addition, we work with long-term partners in the field of our network for land transports. A high drive-off density from Hamburg grants that your goods are delivered at any time in time. The excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​not only facilitate contact with the customs authorities, but also ensure the smooth handling of the necessary formalities. It is not important whether you need to move containers or piece goods. We organize and ship all necessary papers and customs documents to ensure that your shipment reaches the destination as quickly as possible. In addition to a freight carrier network in Germany, we maintain a wide network of daily transports to Austria, Spain, Latvia, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, UK, Estonia, Czech Republic and Switzerland as well as the Benelux countries.


Procurement logistics? We master it!

You want to keep inventory costs low and still need some buffer for your production? Then contact us. We master the business of logistics and warehouse management like hardly any other service provider. Our IT specialists are able to tailor the flow of materials and inventory to meet your needs. Short-term orders are also taken into account by our specialists. According to your requirements, materials, semifinished products or raw materials will be reordered in good time. Obviously, there is a constant flow of information between you and us. So you can access the current status of production and logistics at any time. On request, we also accept the quality control of all incoming and outgoing goods. Conception of a customer-specific procurement logistics Quantities, deadlines and quality-oriented supplies of your company Continuously accompanying information flow through our IT specialists and service staff Continuous monitoring of deadlines Reliable Goods & Quality Inspection Economical transport bundling of your goods to partial and complete loads.


Forwarding with rail connection

We at Rapid Logistics swear by the combination of road and rail. Particularly in international transport, where long distances have to be bridged, the route by rail is quite sensible. This means that the range can be nearly tripled within one day. Our headquarters in the port of Hamburg is directly connected to the railway network. This greatly facilitates the reloading of the freight from the seaport forwarding company and, if necessary, the transfer to rail transport is not a hurdle due to the participation in Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co KG. Our subsidiary company, BACKHAUS & CO, also has a stake in TCU GmbH & Co. KG, which for many years has been continually improving and optimizing container transport by rail. Through these scale effects, we can offer our customers the best solutions in the field of container logistics by rail. However, this transport route is not only cost-efficient, but also benefits the environment. In combination, we offer you all handling and terminal services. We take care of the necessary advance of transport on the rail and at the same time ensure an efficient transport to the destination. If required, we will be happy to provide you with all the equipment you need for the combination transport and optimize the use of individual cars and groups of vehicles.


From the port to the plane

Your freight will even get in the air with us. All imports and exports can be taken from the road and almost all overseas ports to the nearest airport to reach the destination by cargo aircraft as quickly as possible. Our logistics experts are well-versed in AIR & SEA Solutions and will handle your orders in a timely and reliable manner. The international connection of all means of transport and our long-standing existence in the market make us an efficient company in the transport business. With us at your side, your trading business will also benefit. Talk to us and we will be happy to show you ways to optimize your trading chain. Despite outsourcing, you always keep the control at all times and are supplied with all important data in real time. You do your business, we do the rest.