current market situation in the logistics industry

Posted by Redaktion Rapid

The entire logistics industry is currently facing major challenges. After the lockdown and the associated EU and global border closings last year, the so-called bullwhip effect occurred in many industries in 2021. Many industrial sectors and the retail recovered quickly in 2021. One reason why all transport networks were very well utilized in spring and summer 2021.

Due to the catch-up effects of the industry as well as the ongoing strong online trade, no re-laxation in the German and European cargo market can be expected. The well-utilized cargo space and storage capacities will probably remain very tense until the end of the year and beyond.

The ongoing backlog of container ships in front of the important ports of the world is also an immense burden on the global, European and German supply chains. The ocean freight mar-ket will remain tense in the coming months. Accordingly, the port terminals, warehouses and downstream transport capacities by road and rail in Germany and Europe will be very well utilized.

It cannot be denied that all of these factors pose major challenges for the entire logistics in-dustry. It can be assumed that material, personnel and process costs will continue to rise signi-ficantly along the supply chain. Personnel capacities are strained and almost exhausted due to the prevailing shortage of skilled workers in logistics.

In such a time, the exchange of all companies involved along the logistical supply chain is cru-cial so that the possible consequences (out of stock risk, late deliveries, etc.) do not occur or can be cushioned as far as possible. All actors of the supply chain are affected (manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, end users). It is therefore important to understand the current situation.

The best countermeasure is a close, cooperative agreement between the parties involved a-long the supply chain.

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