Rapid Logistics Hamburg – food and feed logistics – quality is important to us!

Posted by Redaktion Rapid

At the end of June we completed the IFS audit at a higher level. The IFS Logistics certificate proves the commitment to security and transparency in the entire supply chain. A proof of quality, especially for the storage and transport of food.

In addition, a GMP + re-certification audit was successfully passed. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to guidelines for quality assurance of production processes in the production of pharmaceuticals, food and especially animal feed.

Rapid Logistics is your food and feed supply chain specialist from Hamburg.

If you import food, food additives, feed or feed additives from other countries, such as China, then Rapid Spedition from Hamburg is the right contact for you. We know how to work out and present you holistic, well-thought-out logistics concepts. We would be happy if you contact our team for your next transport, import or storage inquiry. We are happy to assist you personally with words and deeds.

Your Rapid Logistics Team from Hamburg