IFS Logistics and GMP + logistics solutions

Posted by Redaktion Rapid
In August 2020, Rapid Logistics was again successfully audited in the IFS Logistics division.

The International Featured Standards (IFS) describes a series of "food, product and service standards" which are intended to ensure that "a product that conforms to the specifications agreed with the customer" is produced "or a service "is provided. Rapid Logistics would like to offer its customers certified standards in the field of food logistics, which is why we have been regularly assessed by an independent QM audit company for many years.

One day after the IFS Logistics Audit, a monitoring audit in the area of ​​GMP + B3 was done by the DEKRA.

The GMP + FSA system for feed relates to the production, trading, storage and handling as well as the transport of compound feed, straight feed, premixes and additives. The standard is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and HACCP, and has been further developed for animal feed. The system guarantees the quality of the feed and thus the safe production of animal food.

We can and want to guarantee our customers a high quality standard in the field of feed logistics as well - Rapid logistics from Hamburg has been GMP + B3 certified for over a decade.

Are you looking for a reliable, quality-oriented and certified IFS Logistics or GMP + B3 logistics partner in Hamburg?

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